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Contribute to iTunes U

What kind of content are we looking for?

Consider the following when you are deciding whether your video or audio content would be a good candidate for submission to the university’s iTunes U site.

Think of your content in terms of a collection.

The organization of content in iTunesU parallels that of Apple’s iTunes store: media tracks are grouped into “albums” or collections, which are categorized under topics. When proposing content, you must propose it as a collections of audio or video tracks.

How to propose content?

If you think you have content that is appropriate for UW-Madison on iTunes U, please let us know about it by filling out a content proposal form. (You'll need a campus NetID to access the form; you'll also need to supply an AppleID which you will use for logging into the iTunes U Public Site Manager.)

After receiving your submission, University Communications will review it. If approved, we will set up your content page within UW-Madison on iTunes U and provide you instructions for managing your media files.

Featuring iTunes U content on your Web site

Every content collections in iTunes U has an associated unique URL that you can link to from the Web. To get this unique URL, right-click on the collections's album cover and select Copy Link from the pop-up menu.