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Managing iTunes U collections

Requesting a collection

First, read our page about contributing content to UW-Madison’s iTunes U site to get a sense of the kind of content the university is looking to feature on iTunes U. Also, we suggest reading the section titled “Creating your collections” from Apple’s iTunes U Guidelines.

When you are ready to submit a collection proposal, please fill out a collection proposal form (you'll need to provide at least one AppleID to which we will assign administrative rights for the collection.) See below about registering for an Apple ID.

Registering for an AppleID

To manage your content collections within iTunes U, you will need to have an Apple ID. You might want to consider creating a departmental Apple ID instead of using a personal Apple ID, but either will work. (We can reassign administrative rights to any AppleID at any time.)

Visit to create an Apple ID.

Note: When creating an AppleID, you will be asked to input credit card information. See the following Apple support page for information about creating an account without credit card details.

Logging in

Once you receive confirmation that your content collection has been set up, you can log in and begin managing it.

Note: To use Apple's iTunes U admin site, you will to use Apple's Safari web browser, version 4.0.4 or newer. It is available for Mac and Windows.

Log in to the iTunes U Public Site Manager »

Editing your collection content/upload new content

After logging in, you will see a list of the content collections you are authorized to manage.

To edit your collection’s feed of content, click the Apple Hosted link in the feed column associated with the collection.

On the Feed Editor screen, you will see fields for editing meta data about your collection. Well-constructed titles, subtitles, summaries and keywords will improve the chances your content gets found by users searching in the iTunes store.

To upload new content to your collection, click the Items link near the top of the Feed Editor screen. The Items screen lists any content tracks already uploaded to your collection. Click the Upload New Items link to upload new content.

To edit metadata about individual content tracks, click anywhere in the row listing for that track. The Edit Item window will appear where you can edit the item's title, subtitle, summary and category/subcategory; click the Save button to save your edits. The category choice determines which of the category pages your collection will appear under within UW-Madison's iTunes U site. (Note: The categories are pre-defined by Apple and cannot be altered.)

Required media formats for iTUnes U

Maximum allowed file size is 1 gigabyte (GB). Audio files must be either AAC or MP3 with appropriate file extensions (.m4a, .mp3). To use specific cover artwork with an audio track, use the AAC file type format (.m4a). Video files must be MPEG-4 with H.264 compression with appropriate file extensions (.mp4, .m4v, .mov). If you are using QuickTime to create and edit video content, export your videos by choosing Movie to iPod from the Export pop-up menu in QuickTime Pro. You can also upload Portable Document Format or electronic publication files with appropriate file extensions (.pdf, .epub).

Using a remote RSS feed for managing you collection

If you host your media content on your own servers, you can manage your iTunes U content by simply pointing your collection to an RSS feed describing your content. (The content still needs to be in the media formats specified by Apple; see above for details.)

Please refer to Apple's specs for iTunes U RSS feeds.

When requesting your content collection, please enter the URL for your feed in the appropriate form field.

Official Apple iTunes U documentation

Please refer to Apple's detailed iTunes U documentation for further information about managing your iTunes U content collections.

Contact us

If you have questions about managing your iTunes U content, please email .